About Us

Owlis is an online visionary art gallery, an online store and an agency for visionary artists of some of the most talented visionary artists in the world.
By shopping with us you'll be supporting artists from around the world in a safe and secure way. We guarantee that our Canvas and Paper Prints are printed at a extremely high quality and shipped securely.

Thank you for supporting art and being part of the Owlis family.

Our story
In 2018 a group of friends found each other in a retreat center in Los Angeles. They shared their love for plants and Art together.  This passion for Visionary Art then birthed into a shared vision to create an online gallery with the most authentic and moving Visionary Art in the world.

In May 2019 during an international conference that included a visionary art gallery with visionary artists from around the world, the vision grew stronger and brought Gloria and Eyal together to reach out to some of their favorite Artists. They discovered that these Artists were looking for support in marketing and in finding new ways to spread their art around the world.  This idea was the driving force that pushed us to create Owlis, a one of a kind online gallery and an online store for high quality Visionary Art.

Our goals

  • To spread visionary art beyond the borders of the psychedelic community (which we love deeply) and by doing so introduce visionary art to more people outside the regular psychedelic circles.
  • Sell a visionary art painting for more than $1M by the end of 2025
  • Start seeing more visionary art in popular galleries, businesses and in homes.

Our Vision
To spread love in the world through art.

For Artists
At the moment we are only working with professional artists that have their own unique style. We are only reaching out to very limited number of Artists that we think are a good fit for Owlis.
We always love to look at new art and keep our mind open, If you think you're a good fit and interested to share your art with us.
Please email us at: info@owlis.org
We promise to say hi and thank you for sharing your art with us.

Owlis community
The community behind Owls are an eclectic group of friends that share their love for the Owl medicine and are experts in their fields with a deep passion for art, healing, yoga and healthy living.
If you want to contribute to Owlis, please reach out to us at: info@owlis.org