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SINFONIA SHAMANICA - Extremely High quality Giclèe

Nikola Tesla said: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. In this wonderful masterpiece, I(the artist) reflect a personal trip during an ayahuasca ceremony. I was talking with spirits of the medicine and they told me that everything in this physical realm is connected to the entire universe.

Pablo Amaringo was also convinced that Nikola Tesla was right and we are a vibration of energy, this sacred ancient medicine is the key to open our heart, and brain, and go through different layers of our physical and spiritual body.

The medicine opens a portal into a new dimension. Sinfonia Shamanica is showing this portal opening from down to up. The shaman painted on the bottom right is Pablo Amaringo dressed like a shaman. When I was painting this vision he just passed away in 2009. I was deeply connected to Pablo Amaringo, as he was my teacher.

Sinfonia Shamanica is dedicated to Pablo Amaringo and his work as a shaman, a Shaman that can open portals for sciences, ancient temples, giants snakes, angels, aliens, distances enchanted cities, and ladies with divine beauty and divine smile. Divine. Divine. Divine.

Love is the essential message of the Sinfonia Shamanica.

#esthetic #colors #harmony #universal rhythms #spirituality #love 

Original Painting details:

Centimeters: 71cm x 90cm
Inches: 28
" x 35"
Medium: Oil

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