Anderson Debernardi


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MERMAID DREAMS - Extremely High quality Giclèe

This masterpiece is a vision of a beautiful mermaid and the shaman muraya-banco. The Shaman Muraya-banco holds a high degree of shamanic power, he controls the powers of the mountain and the waters. He's the descent of the powerful Yacumama the shaman of healing and care.

In the painting, you can also see Sachamama, as she opening her mouth as a portal to go to the infinite space.

Enjoy the dynamic palaces, the cosmic beings, the Tobacco plant and flowers, and the Chacruna plant, the Chacruna leaves are used as part of the ayahuasca brew.

Original Painting details:

Centimeters: 44cm x 60cm
Inches: 17
" x 24"
Medium: Oil

Canvas Print Details:

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To summarize:

We use extremely high-quality materials for all our prints, they look amazing, and they will last for 100+ years.

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Note: The Inches are the accurate numbers, and the cm may be rounded up or down.

Note: We are working with different printing studios around the world to reduce carbon emissions, minor colors changes might be seen between prints.

All print sizes may be an inch larger or smaller in order to keep the proportion of the image as intended by the artist.

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